2005 Ontario Geocoin

Antique Bronze

Antique Silver

Gold Plating (18kt)

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The pictures on both sides of the 2005 Ontario Geocoin represent and are easily identifiable
with the Province of Ontario.
: Scenic view of Niagara Falls, the 9th Natural Wonder of the world.
Back: Loon (Ontario's bird) swimming in a lake with land in background. Also contains a 
compass rose overhead and 4-digit number.

We have only made 501 of these 2005 Ontario Geocoins.

This is the 1st Geocoin created, designed, produced and sold in Ontario. We have been
working on creating these coins since August and they are finally available. We have put a
lot of time, effort and of course fun into creating these and hope you will enjoy these geocoins 

These are quality die struck coins made out of copper. They are 1.5 inches in diameter and 
come individually polybagged. The coins are sequentially numbered from 1 to 500 and 2100.

There are 3 different limited versions produced as follows:





Quantity Available

Antique Bronze

298 coins


$7.50 CDN

Sold Out

Antique Silver

101 coins

101-200, 2100

$8.50 CDN

Sold Out

Gold Plating (18kt)

100 coins


$9.00 CDN

Sold Out
Antique Bronze-Error Coin 2 coins 401, 440 $10 CDN Sold Out

Look for my personal Bouncy Bunny geocoin and also our new geocaching.com trackable Toronto 2006 geocoin to be available soon.

We have found several uses for our 2005 Ontario Geocoins. You can put them in geocaches and
track their progress or keep them for your collection. When we play games, we use them as game
tokens to move around the board.